Nearly half of the UK
working population is living
paycheck to paycheck.
That’s a staggering 16 Million people. We are on a mission to fix that.
Why we are doing this?
We're a team of socially focused entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving lives and giving people a fair chance. By leveraging technology, finance and education we are able to deliver ethical services to help workforces of all sizes.
Together, we can eliminate short term credit predators whilst improving employees' well-being.
credit predators
It’s unfair
The more financially vulnerable we are, the more we pay in Poverty Premiums (Essential products and services cost more to people on low incomes)
Lots of inefficiencies
Personal finance is the biggest source of stress at work. It costs millions to Employers in productivity, Absenteeism and recruitment. It costs millions to employees in interests and penalties.
It’s solvable
Proven results obtained through a social-good finance approach leveraging the technology and behavioural change techniques.
We genuinely care

We believe in virtuous circles of benefits and creation of long term value.

We work with great sensitivity to your employees' emotions.

Our business model is designed so we incentivise the right behaviours.

Genuinely care
What We Believe In
People First

We understand how distressing it can be for financially vulnerable people and that is why we developed our fair, effective solutions and tools

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Performance Grow top More productive

There are plenty of 'wellness perks' out there but none with tangible results.

We measure performance so you can see the return on investment.

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There is no fast track solution to financial well-being.

We don't apply a 'one size fits all' approach because every individual situation is different.

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